A morning in UNH’s Tirrell Horse Barn



Marqoesa wakes up to the hum of a John Deere tractor pulling through the doors of her stable. As she awakes she is presented with three flakes of Carb-Guard feed and a wheelbarrow is parked next to her to carry away the mess from the night.

“Every morning people are here cleaning the stalls.” Said Jess Childs, a UNH students working at the Tirrell Horse Barn.

Jess Childs Cleaning the stalls


As part of the morning routine the horses are cycled from inside to outside and stall to stall as they eat, exercise, get brushed, and have their stable cleaned.

“Each horse is outside for at least two hours every day,” said Child “Although if the weather is nice they tend to spend even more time than that.”

UNH equipment room

Within the 40 stalls of the Tirrell Horse Barn there are 28 UNH owned horses and several other student horses owned by UNH or Thomson School students. The UNH horses are used for horse lessons, classes, and students who love to ride do not have their own horse on campus.

Paige Templeton, taking ANSC 402: Horsemanship, was gearing up to ride.

“I am here every Tuesday and Thursday for my class,” said Templeton “I go out and ride into the riding pens and practice dressage and jumping.”

Templeton said she has ridden before, but was never able to own her own horse. She likes the UNH program because it allows her continue learning to ride, but significantly cuts down the costs.



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